Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Fake Bag

When it comes to handbags, we women instantly lose all our common sense and we can’t stop thinking about how to buy that super chic purse we saw in the stores last week- „that white Prada would look amazing with my beige pencil dress or with the outfit I wore at the last office party”. Admit it; you too have the same dilemmas. But the worst of all is „Why would I spend over $2,000 on a bag?” This is the moment when we start considering buying a fake bag as a pretty good option. But believe me when I say that it isn’t. Buying a replica purse is one of the worst decisions ever and nothing good will come from it.

 This is true ladies; fake bags are not that good as you may have heard. There is nothing authentic about their design, feel or quality. These are just some poor quality imitation purses made from plastic looking materials and with terrible craftsmanship. I have seen my share of terrible replica bags and I have a few arguments that will totally change your mind about buying such an awful product.

Low quality materials

Replica handbags are usually made from leather or canvas. At first look, it may seem that these are made from the same type of material as the genuine bags, but in reality the difference is shocking. Even if on the store’s website the leather or canvas appears to be very similar, chances are that when you will receive your knockoff you will be amazed by the discrepancies. First of all, the leather and canvas that is used for making the imitation purses are very flimsy, light and shiny. They scream “fake” from miles away. Secondly, these have a very unbearable plastic smell that is very difficult to get rid of. I know women who have ordered such a replica and they were unable to wear it because of the chemical smell. They tried everything, from letting it outside for a couple of days to washing it. Nothing worked.


You probably think that after receiving your beautiful fake bag you will get to wear it with all your favorite outfits, but when it comes to replica purses better expect the unexpected. Chances are that the handbag will break after a couple of weeks of wear and you won’t get to wear it that much. Replica bags are not made to last. These are just supposed to look good from afar. The most common issues with these knockoffs are the leather tearing up, discolorations on the sides that have more skin contact, and defective zipper, handles or closing system. And the list goes on.


All replica merchants will guarantee that their fake bags are top notch imitations and that the design is identical to the one of the authentic purse. Ladies, please don’t fall for that line. This is something that will never happen. No replica handbag is 100% identical to the real thing. Even though it may seem easy, imitating a luxury items is not that simple. These very expensive brands spend a lot of time and money to create designs that are very difficult to clone. The shape of the bag, the lines used to accentuate the forms, the hardware, the logos, the stitching and even the pattern are chosen so that it enhances the uniqueness of the product and the difficulty of copying it. A small detail such as the number of stitches on the leather tag is all it takes so that anyone can spot your fake bag for what it is- an inferior quality replica.