Why a Replica Watch is a Waste of Money

It goes without saying; a replica watch is a waste of money. For those who have purchased a knockoff at least once in their life, arguments aren’t needed to support this statement. They know from experience that a fake timepiece is a poor quality imitation that doesn’t even come close to the original watch. Everything about its looks, functionality, durability and accuracy disappoints.

I am sure that you love the idea of wearing a Rolex or an Omega on your wrist. Just the thought of all those people who will admire the watch and complement you for you fine tastes is enough to convince you that you got to get one, no matter what it takes. But a replica of a luxury watch won’t give you all that. A knockoff is made from inferior materials, the design is ruined by small flaws such as glue smudges on the dial, rust on the bracelet, discolorations on the case or cracked glass. All these things will make it obvious to anyone that you are wearing a fake watch. In the end, you will be throwing your money out the window for a product that isn’t worth a dime. Better yet, why not keep you money in your wallet and spend it when you come across an affordable brand that sells a good quality watch with a modern design, such as Timex, Fossil, Swiss Legend or Pulsar? There are plenty other skillful brands out there that have decent prices and super-stylish watches.

Below I will mention a few reasons why buying a replica watch is a huge waste of money:

Low quality materials.

All replica stores will claim that their fakes are made from full solid stainless steel. But most of these companies use a very light and thin stainless steel for the case which bends if you accidentally hit it against a table or wall, and the bracelets are made from hallow links connected by alloy pins that rust easily. The gold color imitation watches are the worst thing you can buy as the gold plating used for coloring the products, usually start discoloring after only a couple of weeks of wear. And don’t expect the leather bracelets to be that resistant. One or two months is the maximum time you get to enjoy them.

Inferior inside mechanism

Enter any fake watches website and you will see that the replicas are advertised as having Swiss ETA automatic movement or Japanese Miyota self-winding mechanism. This isn’t at all true. These types of automatic movements aren’t available in China where all the fake watches are made. The sites that sell these products use a copy of the above mentioned mechanisms. But their imitation movements are inferior in terms of accuracy, durability and functionality. The usual life span is a couple of months or half a year, if you are lucky. The so called Japanese replica watches do not have working chronograph dials and the special functions as the moon phase do not work. Only the Swiss fakes are fully functional. The only sure thing is that both of these types of movement have a huge probability of stopping while you are wearing the watch.

Poor craftsmanship

Don’t expect skillful watchmakers to be assembling these replica watches. In the Chinese factories that manufacture fake timepieces, the employees are underpaid Chinese who don’t have a clue about how a watch works and what importance each piece has. This is why some replica watches are delivered with loose parts inside of the caseback or dial. Expect your knockoff to arrive with loose hour markers, hands, logos or mechanical parts. The quality control is inexistent in these factories. They can’t afford to waste time by verifying each manufactured watch if it complies with the quality standards.

Inaccurate design

Do not believe that some replica watches are 100% identical to the original product. This is impossible. The genuine watch is the result of decades of design and research work and the key for getting that perfect outside is kept secret. No replica manufacturer in this world can correctly replicate all the lines, shapes and details of an original luxury watch. He will try to get most parts right, but that won’t be enough to make you look good when wearing the knockoff. It will be crystal clear to everyone that what you are wearing is a poor quality watch, most likely a replica.