Save Money While Staying in Bucharest

No question about it, Bucharest is one of the most affordable and charming European capital, but if you do not know how to finance your budget it is possible to spend more than you were expecting. Like any other tourist destination, this Romanian city has many low price accommodation units, restaurants and stores where you can enjoy good quality products and services; however there are also plenty of other expensive places that can burn out your whole holiday budget in a minute. You just need to know how and where to spend when you’re visiting Bucharest and the below guide will offer you the best tips and tricks for saving money.


The best way to get around Bucharest is by bus or subway. The city has a very wide and modern public transportation system that allows us you to get to any attraction you want without burning a lot of money. Unlike other European capitals where a bus ticket is 2 euros or more, in Bucharest you can travel across the entire city for just 30 cents. This is the price of a bus ticket. The subway is a little bit more as it costs 50 cents per fare. If you don’t want to share your space with anyone and prefer to take a cab ride then you will be happy to know that the fees are about 40 cents per km.


Romania’s capital is the best place for finding affordable accommodation offers that meet the same comfort and luxury standards as many other world class hotels from Western Europe. There are numerous hotels, villas and rental apartments that can be booked for 15-30 euros per night and the best part about these is that they are very spacious, elegantly furnished and come with excellent services. The low cost hotels are scattered all around the city so finding one next to your area of interest won’t be a problem. Also, if you want to enjoy extra privacy and comfort we suggest considering the option of renting a luxury Bucharest apartment or condo on short term. These are very affordable, between 20 and 40 euros and are usually located near the main touristic attractions.

Food and drinks

There are numerous restaurants in Bucharest where you can eat and drink very well with just 5-7 euros per person. The prices for food and drinks are usually very low and restaurants are keen on offering savory food, excellent services, a nice ambiance and an elegant décor. The city is full with places that mix the local cuisine with International food so your options are quite diverse. You can opt for pizza, pastas, stakes, soups or some traditional Romanian meals. The locals will be delighted to impress you with their culinary skills. If your budget is very limited and you want to save on food then I must tell you that Bucharest has grocery stores at each corner and these have very low prices for their merchandise. You can stack up your rental apartment or hotel room fridge with plenty of food and drinks for a whole week with just 30-40 euros.


When you walk on the streets of Bucharest it instantly hits you- these people really know how to dress. The center of Bucharest is a place where you feel like a bystander at one of the most important fashion shows. The locals are very conscious about fashion and style. This is a result of the fact that the city has numerous clothing stores, from world known brands to no names. But regardless of your budget or preferences, there is something here just right for you. Most of the stores that are located between Romana Square and Unirii Square carry very chic and affordable clothes and accessory. The prices start at 2-4 euros per dress or blouse and can reach even 40 euros. It all depends on your personal style preferences and on how important the brand name is for you.