How to Save Money When Visiting Disneyland Paris

Visiting Disneyland Paris is an unforgettable experience for both adults and children, but this can be one of the most expensive trips in Europe. Everything here, from accommodation, food, to park tickets and transportation can discourage your budget completely. But do not lose hopes yet, because there are many ways you can save money when visiting Disneyland Paris. Simply follow the below tips.

Look For Online Deals

Do not underestimate the power of online deals. As long as you start planning ahead and you are patient, you will always find a great deal on the Internet for Disneyland Paris. These deals can mean free nights, a percentage off rooms or free dining, but be sure to first search the offers available on the official Disney website. Afterwards you can search and compare the offers from other webpages. Just by doing this, you can end up saving at least a couple hundred euros.

Save on Food

I am sorry to tell you, but food in France and, particularly, at Disneyland Paris isn’t cheap. Most people, who have visited Disneyland and did not prior research this topic, were shocked to discover how much money you can burn just on food.

My suggestion to you is to eat a heavy breakfast, especially if you are staying at a Disney owned hotel. All their hotels include a continental breakfast: yogurt, cheese, pastries, coffee and juice. Before heading to the parks you should fill up on the free buffet breakfasts.

Usually, at a table service restaurant any 3 course meal costs about 30-40 euros per person. You can save money by opting for a counter service meal which is actually fast-food and costs only 15 euros per person. These cheaper restaurants have different combos in their menu which include a main course, side item, a dessert and drink. It is a terrific way of getting the best of your dining budget while eating very generous food portions.

You can also choose to bring your own snacks and drinks from outside the park. All Disney theme parks allow their customers to come with their own food and when you’re on a tight budget, this really helps you save a lot of money.

Get Park Tickets Online in Advance

If you want to visit Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Park then you need about two days for the first one and one day for the second one. When you buy online tickets for two or more days you automatically get the options “Passe-Partout” or “Park Hopper” which allows you to hop between these two parks whenever and how often you want.

You can also find very advantageous ticket deals on the Internet and by buying them online in advance you avoid paying full price at the gate.

Affordable Pressed Pennies Souvenirs

It’s a well-known fact that souvenirs are incredibly expensive inside the Disneyland Paris Park. One of the best and cheapest souvenirs you can get here are pressed pennies and there are numerous machines across the park where you can make these unique souvenirs which you can take home for your loved ones.

Fly into Another City

The most expensive airport in Europe is Paris’ Charles de Gaulle. If you want to visit Disneyland Paris with your family, the cheapest thing to do would be to plan a longer European vacation and include Paris on your route. For example, you can fly into Brussels with Ryanair and if you book the tickets with one or two months in advance you can find them with 20 euros each, visit this beautiful city for a day or two and take the a one hour and 15 minutes train trip to Paris, tickets starting at 84 euros. The whole “another city detour” with accommodation, transportation and food may be considerably cheaper than flying into Paris. It all depends on how well you plan your trip, on how early you start looking and booking offers.