How to Save Money When Travelling to Singapore

It may sound unbelievable, but you can visit Singapore on a budget. This fun-filled and undeniably expensive tourist destination is accessible to anyone as long as you invest some time into planning and researching your trip. By knowing a few tips on how to save money when visiting Singapore, you will be able to spend an affordable and unforgettable vacation in this amazing Asian city-state.

It all starts with careful planning.

You should start planning your vacation as early as possible and this means doing your researches very well. The Internet is full with offers and discounts for Singapore and you need to start searching them with at least 2-3 months before flying to this wonderful destination. Also, learn as much as possible about what to expect from Singapore in terms of costs, available transportation, accommodation, sightseeing and culture.

Don’t put your hopes into expensive guidebooks.

You will be surprised to see how many Singapore natives speak English. They are very friendly and helpful in giving directions to tourists. And the best part about the city is that it is very easy to navigate and also very compact. Furthermore, the English maps and documents for Singapore are much cheaper here.

Avoid fines.

When you go to a new city, especially to one on a different continent, you should first learn their laws. In Singapore, anyone who spits or throws his chewing gum in public gets a hefty fine.

Bring toiletries from home.

If you do not want to spend a significant part of your budget on toiletries then you should bring these from home. Singapore has really high prices for these products.


The costs of flying to Singapore can be considerably reduced if you spend some time online looking for cheaper flights. This should be done as early as possible because the closer you get to the departure day, the more expensive the flight tickets will be.

Where to Stay


Get free accommodation.

Yes, you can stay in Singapore for free if you join a couchsurfing organization. This way you will be staying in one of the local’s home and you will be able to enjoy all their insights on the best this city has to offer. Make sure you research these couchsurfing organizations early and you see what their membership requirements are.

Even camping is free in Singapore.

If you bring your tent, use public transportation to get to downtown Singapore then you can camp on the East Coast Beach where there are no camping fees.

Little India will always be cheaper.

The cheapest accommodation units in Singapore are in Little India. The city is so rich in things to do and see that you won’t spend that much time at the place you are staying in. With so much excitement going on, you will barely have time to sleep and shower. Why not save as much as possible on accommodation and spend it on what truly matters- experiencing this city to its fullest!



Save money by walking.

Because Singapore is so compact, you can simply walk to get from one attraction to another. This will help you save a lot and, on the way, it will allow you to discover hidden gems.

Avoid taxis.

Why should you take a taxi ride when you could use Singapore’s efficient and affordable public transportation? You can enjoy the offer of unlimited bus rides for $5 a day, use the SMRT tourist passes or travel during their discounted morning hours.

Eating and drinking in Singapore.


Tap water is recommended.

The tap water here is safe and really good so you could drink it without worries.

Skip the alcohol.

The truth is that in Singapore, watered-down drinks and alcohol are really expensive. But for those who want to have a few drinks, I suggest drinking during happy hours which are available at most pubs at early hours. And for ladies, I recommend drinking on Wednesday when all clubs offer free drinks and entry for women.

Wet markets are cheaper.

These are markets with a rich diversity of local food and snacks, like rice herbs, noodles, live animals, vegetables and more. And the best part about it is that these are very cheap.

Hawker centers have affordable food.

This is the closest version of food courts where many vendors offer affordable readymade food.

Head to Chinatown.

Chinatown is the perfect place for finding great restaurants, stalls and low prices on delicious food.

Pack your own chocolate.

If you love chocolate then you may want to bring your own as Singapore has high prices for this delicious treat.

Enjoy free fun.

Start with the Singapore Visitors Centre.

To find out what are the best events in Singapore, Singapore Visitors Centre is the place you want to be.

Free natural attractions.

You can visit both the Singapore Botanical Gardens and the Bukit Timah Nature reserve which are both free.

The best rock concerts are also free.

At the Esplanade outdoor theatre there are free rock concerts on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Also here there are occasional free art exhibits and shows.

Nightly free shows at Marina Bays Sands.

Marina Bays sands host nightly shows at 8 and 9:30 p.m. which are a delightful demonstration of water and light effects.