How to Save Money When Planning Your Wedding

I know that weddings should be about joy, love and dreams come true, but the reality is that weddings are incredibly expensive. And I am sure you all agree that going into some serious debt because of your wedding costs isn’t the most ideal way of starting a marriage. The good news is that there are a couple of things you can do to save money on your wedding. Continue reading to find out what are the best tips.

Last-minute weddings are cheaper.

It is easier to simplify the wedding and spend less when you shorten the wedding-planning timeline. The shorter is the time horizon the less you will spend on an elaborated wedding. Last-minute weddings are a great way of saving money because you have less time to imagine all the possible details and you focus only on necessary things.

Search for seasonal sales.

If you are the type that likes to plan ahead and get the best deals then a longer timeline might be ideal for you. This way you can take advantage of seasonal sales for the dress, accessories, venue, music and photographer. Usually, restaurants or catering services are cheaper in off-peak times. By scheduling the wedding then, you have more negotiation power with all the wedding providers. This way you can save up to 20%-30% of the costs of a wedding. The usual off-peaks times are November, January, February and March.

Avoid Saturday.

Saturday is the most expensive day to marry. Why not choose any other day of the week? You should first check the rates for Friday and Sunday and make a quick estimate of how much you’ll be saving by choosing one of these alternative days.

Opt for a nontraditional venue.

The place where the wedding takes place is what burns down your budget. Instead of opting for a reception hall or high end restaurant, you should consider a less expensive alternative like a beautiful green garden, a beach or your parent’s yard. If this place doesn’t have tables, toilets or kitchen then don’t forget to include these costs estimates to your budget.

Save on your wedding dress.

If you know the dated of the annual sample sales of your favorite wedding dress designers then you can buy an amazing gown with up to 70% off. Or you can choose to borrow or rent a designer wedding dress that has only been worn once.

Save on your food bill.

If you make your wedding a daytime reception then you will save a lot because lunch or brunch will always be cheaper than dinner. Another way of cutting down on the food costs is to avoid the traditional sit-down or buffet meals. The alternative is to have a cocktail reception with cake, punch and cocktails.

Choose a signature cocktail

Alcohol costs a lot and can compromise your budget entirely. Most caterers charge you for each opened bottle, even if they’ve poured just one drink. This is why you should seriously consider a limited bar. You can select a signature cocktail that is made by using one type of liquor, and add a few other bottles that reflect the guest’s preferences. Or you can serve just beer, wine and champagne.

Spend less with photographers and videographers.

Usually, photographers charge based on the hours they work. To save money you can ask them to do candids while you are getting-ready, in the church, at the beginning of the reception and cut the cake early so you can shorten the number of hours you pay the photographer. Another option is to talk to former brides and see if you really need a 1,000 pictures package or a 500 one. Or you can consider a photography student, but make sure you study his portfolio well to confirm that he is able to take beautiful pictures.