The Traveller’s Guide on London Transportation Costs

London is a wonderful tourist destination with many beautiful attractions- museums, the Coco Cola London Eye, Tower of London, art galleries and royal palaces. A couple of days spent in this European Capital will be a fascinating cultural experience and the best part about its attractions is that most of them are free. But even though you won’t spend that much on sightseeing, you will be amazed on how much money you will burn on transportation. Getting around London isn’t cheap, but with a few tips you can save a lot.

Paying cash for single tickets is the first mistake when visiting London. You probably won’t make just a single journey with its public transport so you must consider the most advantageous options which are Oyster, contactless payment card or a London Travelcard pass. For example, if you need to travel from Liverpool Street to Oxford Circus by subway, a cash paid single ticket costs £4.80 while paying with an Oyster card means £2.30. London’s subway system is a really great and quick way of getting to all the important tourist attractions and because it avoids all the traffic from the surface, many travellers opt for it.

Indeed, the easiest way to get around in any city is by car so if you choose to travel to London with your personal car or rent one here, there are a couple of things you should know about the costs it implies. The city has certain areas where all cars that drive in and out between 07:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday need to pay congestion a charge of £11.50.  Still, there is a way of saving money on this tax if you register to the Congestion Charging Auto Pay automated system.  This costs £10.50 and you only need to pay once, regardless of how many times you drive in and out of the Congestion Charge zone on the same day.

One of the cheapest transportation options in London is by bike, which is very handy and fun thanks to the Boris Bikes public bicycle scheme. The best thing about it is that the first half of hour is free. These bikes can be hired from a docking terminal with a bank card, online or by phone. The price of using a bike for 24 hours is £2. This innovative public bike transportation scheme offers oven self-guided routes that unveil London’s most beautiful hidden gems.

For longer journeys you will have to use public transportation, but let’s not forget that London is a very picturesque city and it is perfect for walking or cycling. If you want to see get more exercise and discover the true charm of this European capital while saving a lot of money on transportation then this is the best way to go. And locals admit that at some busy hours of the day, walking is the fastest option of getting from a station to another, like from Leicester Square to Covent Garden.